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over 8 years ago

Quick Start

Alright Summer Jammers, it's gametime!

My name's Richard and I'll be your coach for this hackathon. The goal of Connect with your Team is to bring players, teams, and fans closer together.

Why? Because community is the best part of sports. I mean, how else do you explain Cubs fans? You believe in your team and they need your support to win. That why Twitter and ChallengePost want you to get involved.

BTW, esports are totally in scope here, so bring your LoL & WoW hacks to the table.

To help you get started, I put together some resources — but you're free to use whatever tech & APIs you want. So have fun with it.

Good luck and happy hacking!

~ Richard

P.S. If your laptop has room, we want to send you an official Summer Jam sticker.