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over 8 years ago

Week 1 Round up

Connect with your Team - Week 1 Round up

Hey Summer Jammers

This is the end of week one for Connect with Your Team. In this update I want to highlight 4 elements of this Summer Jam hackathon...

  1. Have you check out the resources page yet? I've collected some great sources of ideas and data there for you. If you've got a resource you want to share let me know on Twitter (@fwdmedia) and I'll add it to the page!

  2. This Hackathon is all about getting more people involved in sports, that could be helping people find a pro-sports team to follow, or organize a pickup game of soccer. You may have noticed that we called out esports in particular - they are a massively growing area of sport and it would be great to see projects around theme.

  3. Make sure you check out our lineup of judges!

  4. Finally: the submission deadline is July 6 at 5pm ET and if you're in NYC (6/30) or SF (7/9), come to one of our happy hours at WeWork Labs.

Happy hacking!